D'Arville & Co., Inc. D'Arville & Co., Inc.

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D'Arville is best yet the most affordable tax & accounting service I found in the Nature Coast-Ocala region (Marion-Citrus-Hernando)-for both personal and business accounting/taxes. CPA quality help and friendly small-town service without CPA prices. Their manager Wanda found many missed opportunities in previous CPA-filed returns, and nailed it for my 2015 return. She kept me out of trouble on a side business and saved about $1000 to where I got a $600 refund instead of owing $400. Their consultation and business accounting fees are affordable- for $400 Wanda took personal time to establish and maintain business accounting and tax + several consultations - that would have been $thousands at a full CPA firm. Quiet Excellence. I found them by word of mouth. You won't be disappointed.

-J.B., Inverness, Florida

I use them for my income tax and accounting advisory. I went to them thinking I would owe about $500 on tax. They were able to get me a $200 refund instead and charged only a small part of that for their service. Staff is helpful, has large-corporation accounting experience and was economical in their charges, Customer for 3 years. Fantastic service, Wanda and her team are wonderful people. Saved me at least $700 on 2016 tax (REAL savings, not those 'we saved you this much' notes on the last page of a return). Not very often that you get big league corporate experience with small town hospitality and money-saving initiative. IMHO This is the best tax and accounting service in the region. Economical, friendly, and experts you can depend on. Don't bother with big accounting firms or tax services that use their formula & rates and don't really try to save you money. D'Arville is a special place, only wish I would have known of them sooner.